About us

“MYNF INT’L LTD” Rc 1637585

Company overview. Established since 1975, incorporated in the year, 2017. Under the federal republic of nigeria corporate affairs commission (cac).

Mynfmarhhkz scrap metals int’l Ltd. (hereinafter will be widely displayed as “Mynf”).

has over 15 years of business experience, with a vast array of trading services over the west african region, also specialized In collection and disposal of products for industrial services.

We are also built to meet customers specific needs, with professional skills in interactions with our customers. And controlling the quality & quantity of the product across all our business events.

We Indulge in industrials and commercials scrap/waste commodities sourcing. Secondly, logistics are based on the management functionality, in line with advanced marketing team for business evaluation and implementation.

Mynf” series of metal/scrap products we deal on includes.

#A/Cs, Aluminium scrap metals.

Air and oil compressors.


Brass, bronze.


Copper wire and cables, other electrical appliances, such as transformers, power generators. E.t.c

Trucks and earth moving equipment.

Vessles and other ship wreckages.

Yard and site, plant, clearing, etc.

We are a group of company with a vast of reliable history. We co-operate in a flexible and honest way..

MYNF” It’s all about perseverance…


Reliable waste disposal company.

Specialize in buying of scrap metals and other recycling materials which includes.

i. Aluminum scrap metal items.

ii. A/Cs scrap.

iii. Batteries scrap.

iv. Brass/Bronze scrap.

V. Cars scrap.

Vi. Carton waste.

Vii. Compressor of all categories.

Viii. Electrical copper/aluminum wire scrap.

ix. Power plant generator/lister, etc.

X. Trucks/caterpillars.

Xi. Ships/vessels/barges, etc.

Xii.warehouses, stores, site’s clearing.

We are legally Approved and a standard company.


Mynfmarhhkz scrap metals int’l Ltd

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